Scott Price, who grew up in Stamford, wrote an eloquent and enigmatic story in this week’s Sports Illustrated about Alex Rodriguez  and a Pulitzer prize-winning reporter and author who failed to dig up the Yankee third baseman’s steroid use.

Price uses the byline S.L. Price and is a senior writer for Sports Illustrated. He also wrote several books about sports.

Here’s a link to the article:   Please click on “Unwritten Book” in Special Features on the magazine’s site.


I’m a great uncle!


My grandnephew, Hudson Louis Mantz, was born Jan. 8 about  8 a.m. He entered this world at 7 pounds, 4 ounces.

His parents are Stamford native Brooke Healy, my niece, and her husband, Warren Mantz.

The proud grandparents are Roger and Marilyn Granelli Healy, formerly of Stamford.

Newfield GreenHello, folks. Happy new year! I don’t want to hear that again until 2015. As the year begins, the Grade A supermarket on Newfield Avenue is undergoing an inside and outside renovation. Some products may be hard to find while construction is under way..

Adjacent to Grade A, a Chase Bank branch approaches its grand opening at 559 Newfield Ave. It would be Chase’s fifth branch in Stamford.

The bank replaces a Chinese restaurant. Does anyone know a high-quality Chinese place in Stamford that delivers? I cannot find one.

Ciao for now, city that works.

Stamford native Jerry Zezima is scheduled to sign copies of his latest book, “The Empty Nest  Chronicles: How to Have Fun (and Stop Annoying Your Spouse) After the Kids Move Out,” at 6 p.m. Monday Nov. 25 at the Harry Bennett Branch of the Ferguson Library, 115 Vine Road in  Stamford.
Jerry is a humor writer whose column appears in The Advocate of Stamford.

We got the word. Today is the last day of operation for Stamford’s Roly Poly shop at 259 Hope St.

I’ll miss their tuna and grilled chicken rolled sandwiches.

1272924_10201280085897038_489716997_oMany great works of cinema and literature have sequels — like “Weekend at Bernie’s II.”

Seriously, folks, I’m going to outsource the humor mill to Stamford native Jerry Zezima. His second book, “The Empty Nest Chronicles: How to Have Fun (and Stop Annoying Your Spouse) After the Kids Move Out,” was published in August.

Excerpts from Jerry’s book are at Amazon.com. It is a real page turner. Jerry might say, “Yes. I know Paige Turner. She’s librarian, or is she a clerk at Barnes & Noble?

Jerry’s book takes readers on an odyssey through his days at Stamford Catholic High School and boisterous beer bashes at St. Michael’s College in Colchester, Vt. They will learn every minute and often hilarious detail of life with his wife Susan, daughters Katie and Lauren, their friends, neighbors and pets.

Try this one about his daughter’s apartment on Long Island.

“Over the next two years, the company that owned the complex proved so pathetically incompetent—the billing department lost several of Lauren’s rent payments, the maintenance guys couldn’t fix a leak that damaged the ceiling and walls of the apartment, the same bozos locked Lauren’s dog outside on the deck in the broiling heat after they supposedly finished another failed repair job—that I was convinced it was run by Congress.

Soon thereafter, Lauren met Guillaume. Shortly after that, they decided to move in together. As the father of a young woman, I was naturally concerned about the situation and expressed my apprehension to Sue when I said, “Oh, no! Not another move!”

Guillaume, about whom I had no concerns because I quickly realized he was a wonderful young man, proved it by smartly hiring professional movers.

Jerry can find humor, not to mention spare change, in a sofa.

“This couch had great sentimental value because it was our first major piece of furniture, a brown, beige, and gold work of upholstered craftsmanship dating back to 1978, when Sue and I got married.

The couch was also called the sofa because I’d relax on it while I should have been doing household chores and would say to Sue, “So-faaaa, so good,” to which she would reply, “Maybe you’d like to sleep on it tonight.”

The couch was a repository for food—pretzels, popcorn, and potato chips—that had been dropped between the cushions. A yearly cleaning could have produced enough nourishment to feed Luxembourg.

Jerry recalls a tag sale at his Long Island home that yielded a grand total of  $55.

For that amount, you can buy three of Jerry’s books. Its list price is $15.26 at Amazon.com.  The 188-page tome is available on Kindle for $3.49.

So let’s help Jerry recoup some of his investment into the book by buying it.

Jerry’s first book, “Leave It to Boomer: A Look at Life, Love and Parenthood by the Very Model of the Modern Middle-Age Man,” was published in 2010.



The long-awaited Trader Joe’s supermarket is scheduled to open Thursday Oct. 31 at 1041 High Ridge Road in Stamford.

It’s in the High Ridge Center complex where a Borders Bookstore and GranCentral supermarket had been.

Local residents last week received a flyer offering a Trader Joe’s tote bag and other incentives.